UOCC By-Laws



The name of the car CLUB is UNDEROATH out of Long Beach, CA.  By-Laws – Date March 18, 2017


The purpose of this CLUB is to provide an opportunity for classic automobile owners and enthusiasts to gather and promote their interest in the automobile(s) as a respectable hobby.  This CLUB will promote activities and events, which give the opportunity to spark public awareness, stimulate pride in ownership, and encourage the communication, education, and camaraderie between fellow enthusiasts.  The CLUB shall be ‘NOT FOR PROFIT’ and shall be allowed a reasonable amount in its treasury for operating expenses and other CLUB activities.  This CLUB reserves the right to have and acquire sponsors for support of all its events and activities.

Article I.  Background

This organization was birthed long before it was ever given a name.  The small group of founders decided one day that somebody has to start somewhere.  So being the eclectic group they were it was decided that instead of creating your run of the mill car CLUB, where all cars are the same make, same model, they decided that instead of creating an organization as unique as each of them.  They are a simple group with simple views.  No need to complicate the parts of life that can be controlled.  It gets no more patriotic than the loyalty they carry and the pride one takes in his or her mode of recreational transportation with American Cars Only.  Don’t misunderstand…they are like a family.  One whom has chosen itself.  Thick as Thieves.  They are known to the public as UNDEROATH

Article II. Mission Statement

Our purpose is to continue raising Pride in American Muscle on the asphalt; ensuring our streets will never miss or lose sight of our passion. 

UNDEROATH stands for the preservation and restoration of the type of automobile that meets the standards of this CLUB by utilizing the skills and talents of our members. We do car shows, cruises, and motorsports.  However, we encourage representation at designated car shows for the CLUB.  We as a CLUB, want to raise awareness of the American Iron through our hobby and sustain American Pride back to the asphalt.


President – Gabriel Allen

Vice President – Joe Johnson

Historian – David Kostenbader

Treasurer – Christian Allen

Assistant Treasure / Secretary – Jessica Bigam

Media – Devin Edwards (supporting – Cage Johnson)

Public Relations – Nick Cuaresma


COMMITTEE Requirements/Guidelines:  (tbf)

  • COMMITTEE and Volunteer duties are on a VOLUNTARY basis and are not monetarily compensated for by the CLUB.
  • The COMMITTEE holds the power to cancel any members existence in the organization as long as there becomes a valid reason for that termination. The COMMITTEE, once majority rules, will have spoken and membership is over if in any event a member does anything to lessen the reputation of UNDEROATH the COMMITTEE has the right as a group to vote and even dismiss members from the UNDEROATH CLUB.   These COMMITTEE decisions should be at the UNDEROATH Table and only take place with a minimum of 50% of the COMMITTEE.
  • The President shall preside at all regular meetings of the CLUB and to have general supervision of the affairs of the CLUB.
  • The Vice President’s role is at the right hand of the President; supporting the President and mediating discussions and decisions at the table. Vice President shall take over when the President is not present.
  • The duties of the Secretary shall be to keep a record of the minutes of all meetings of the CLUB and to send out notices of special meetings, and perform such other duties as generally related to that office. In the absence of the Historian, another COMMITTEE member will manage the Historian’s responsibilities.
  • The duties of the Treasurer shall be to collect dues from the members and all other monies due to the CLUB, make payments and keep an account of the CLUB funds, prepare a monthly statement and balance statement to the CLUB when called upon by the COMMITTEE.
  • The Assistant Treasurer shall assume the duties in the absence of the Treasurer.
  • The duties of the COMMITTEE shall be to have a general control of the CLUB affairs and they shall act for the CLUB in all things unless ordered by 75 % of the CLUB members.
  • A COMMITTEE member may step down and/or get asked to dismiss themselves. If the said COMMITTEE member retires respectfully they may propose their own successor.  If they are asked to step down majority rules or they simply bow out respectfully without say in a successor.
  • Any member nominated for the office of President or Treasurer must be a member in good standing and must have been a member for two (2) years.
  • If the COMMITTEE has a scheduled meeting and the COMMITTEE member cannot attend. Any votes continue without said COMMITTEE members attendance. 
  • Upon resignation of the President, the Vice President will assume that position and the new Vice President will then be selected and voted in by the COMMITTEE. Should both resign at the same time, they can nominate.  Successors that can be approved and voted in by the COMMITTEE

Article IV. UNDEROATH CLUB Members:

Section 2.1 Memberships and Requirements

  1. There is only one type of membership. Full members only.
  2. Membership into the CLUB is limited to domestic (American made), performance or custom themed cars or trucks.
  3. The CLUB does not allow imports or any engine under SIX cylinders without a power adder. Classic Muscle AND/or LATE MODEL AMERICAN cars ALOWED
  4. All prospective members must meet all CLUB requirements and have a reference of at least one CLUB Member or without a reference a majority vote by current CLUB membership. Any change to this policy is solely up to CLUB COMMITTEE with a vote requiring 80% passage.
  5. Never bad mouth a fellow member. If there becomes conflict between two members it will be handled our way. Then the issue is completely nullified. If the situation continues after, you will no longer be welcome in the UNDEROATH.
  6. This organization is loyalty based. All things discussed are considered important information and therefore may not be discussed with a non-member. Our meetings are sacred ground.
  7. If any member calls on the help of the CLUB for any serious reasons the UNDEROATH Family is dedicated to doing everything in their power to resolve the situation

Section 2.2 Full Members 

  1. A Member is a Brother or a Sister that has proven the ability and earned the right to be within the trusted inner circle and receive such privileges and benefits that may be implied or enjoyed by other Members.
  2. A Member must make a serious effort to attend all meetings/events/functions and be highly dedicated to the CLUB.
  3. Help out other Members in any way possible, whenever possible.
  4. Be a diplomat and show appropriate respect to fellow members and other CLUBs.
  5. Drive hard and be a shining example for specialty car owners/drivers to aspire.
  6. Will wear CLUB Gear at all CLUB functions and events.

Section 2.3 Prospective Members

  1. The CLUB always looks to add new members. Individuals looking to join the CLUB do not have official status with the CLUB until the point where they officially join.
  2. Prospective members should be referred to the CLUB by an existing CLUB member and/or COMMITTEE Member.
  3. Prospective members are encouraged to utilize a “trial” period for themselves and the CLUB. This period has no predetermined length of time. TRIAL PERIOD WAS SUGGESTED 3 MONTHS – 6 month. PROSPECTS SHOULD ATTEND ALL THREE MANDATORY EVENTS.
  4. Conduct themselves in a civil and honorable manner and show respect to all CLUB members.
  5. Not discuss private CLUB business with others outside the CLUB.
  6. Strive to prove to all members that you are worthy of the honor of full membership and demonstrate your value to the CLUB.

Section 2.4 Termination Of Membership – (2/25)

  1. The membership of any full member will terminate upon any of the following events:

* The resignation or death of the member

* The willful failure of the member to pay fees within the times set forth by the COMMITTEE or as otherwise provided in these By-laws; or the willful failure of the member to otherwise comply with the provisions of these By-Laws or any membership rules adopted hereunder.

* The willful disregard for safety which renders a hazardous condition upon other members.

* Any action(s) taken by a member in which said action(s) would bring discredit upon the organization and its members will be presented to the membership at the next regular meeting. At said time membership will vote on terminating the member.

  1. Termination of membership shall not relieve the member from any obligation for charges incurred, services or benefits actually received, assessments, or fees for which the member is obligated to the CLUB.
  2. Resignation from the CLUB will be done verbally, in writing, but one or the other must be completed to at least 2 COMMITTEE members.

Section 2.6 Membership Book

  1. The CLUB shall keep a membership book containing the name, address, and phone numbers of all members. Termination of any member shall be recorded in the book, together with the manner of termination and date of termination.
  2. All members will have every number and address of every existing member. New members will immediately be inputted in the roster.  A full contact roster will be supplied to every UNDEROATH Member and will be update when necessary.

Section 2.7 Voting in a new Member

  1. A prospective member is eligible to join the CLUB on either a reference from a current CLUB member in good standing with the CLUB or after the completion of a trial period that satisfies the prospective member and the CLUB.
  2. After all requirements listed in these By-Laws have been successfully achieved, prospective Members that qualify under current CLUB member reference may join as long as current dues are provided at the time of joining.
  3. Prospective members that fall under the trial period must be voted in by current CLUB membership once the trial period has ended.
  4. Any negative votes must be explained to the membership.
  5. Three negative votes requires a determination by the CLUB Board to either extend their time as a prospective member or to dismiss the prospective member.
  6. Full Membership only requires a unanimous vote of the CLUB and is dependent on the prospective member fulfilling the requirements as set forth by these By-Laws.

Section 2.8 Sponsorship Responsibilities 

  1. Members may refer an individual to join the CLUB.
  2. This is a responsibility not to be taken lightly as you are the prospective new member’s key contact through the Membership process.
  3. The quality of the CLUB is entirely dependent on the type of people we bring in and being selective of whom we bring in is critical. A sponsor who brings in a candidate that is clearly inappropriate runs the risk of losing the ability to sponsor in the future.


Section 2.9 Declaration

  1. You are here by UNDEROATH. You will give all you can to this Family.  You will remain loyal and focused for us.  You will trust all who belong.  You are family now.  You will be treated as such.  Our Loyalty is for you to embrace.  From this point forward you will have us standing with you, for you, behind you.  You must not abuse this power.  For strength comes from positive energy.  As we know nothing but power.

Article V. Dues

  2. Section 3.1 Annual Dues
  3. Dues will be collected annually each December. Dues consist of $40 (U.S. dollars) for a single membership and $50 (U.S. dollars) for a family membership. Family membership consists of more than 1 additional member, children included. Dues will be prorated after December. Records will be kept in regard to current membership and CLUB expenditures. Monthly finance reports will be given by the Treasurer each monthly meeting.
  4. Dues will be designated for items such as but not limited to upkeep to the CLUB website, blanket fees not assigned by the CLUB (example; apparel distributor, etc), catering the annual CLUB Feed or any other expenditure voted on by CLUB membership provided the budget allows it.

Section 3.2 Fund Usage for CLUB Meets

  1. If the CLUB decides to attend an activity not sponsored by the CLUB, it is herein considered a CLUB Meet. Example; drag races or car shows. All members are required to provide their own means of attending and will not be provided financially by the CLUB. All drag race or car show entry funds will be provided by the individual member and not the CLUB.

Section 3.3 Fund Usage for CLUB Events:

  1. If the CLUB decides to organize and sponsor an activity, it is herein considered a CLUB Event.
  2. All CLUB Events (example; car show, picnic) shall draw financing evenly from all CLUB members including CLUB Officers, unless voted to use dues money by CLUB membership. Collection of funds shall be at the monthly meeting proceeding the scheduling of the event or no sooner than 1 month before the event takes place. Attendance is strongly encouraged at CLUB events but not considered mandatory unless otherwise noted. CLUB members are not required to financially contribute to the event if they are unable to attend. If a member does not contribute while attending the event the instance will be documented in the member log book for possible future review.

Article VI. Meetings


CLUB = Quarterly (Car Parade)

Section 4.1 Meeting Place

  1. Meetings of the membership will be held at CLUB House and/or an alternative site

Section 4.2 Regular meetings (in effect 2018)

  1. Members shall meet per the schedule created by the COMMITTEE. The schedule shall be released by December of the current year for the following year. The schedule will also be available on the CLUB website. Officers of the CLUB shall be elected at the regular meeting held in December of each year.

Section 4.3 Special Meetings / Presidents

  1. A special meeting of the members for any lawful purpose or purposes may be called at any time by the President or any two (2) directors or by not less than 10% of the Full Members of the CLUB. All special meeting will be called by written notice (for the purposes of this section Electronic mail will be considered written notice).


Section 5.1 Powers

  1. Subject to these By-Laws, the activities and affairs of the CLUB shall be managed and all corporate powers and be exercised by or under the direction of the COMMITTEE. This is also to include appointment of CLUB Officers to handle stalemates within the Board of Directors group. In this instance, all appointments will be handled on a case by case basis.

Section 5.2 Election and Term of Office

  1. There will be no elections for positions in the COMMITTEE. The CLUB founders, A LEAST ONE, will remain in the COMMITTEE for the CLUB for the duration of the CLUB until one of the Board members retires or the CLUB dissolves. This is to ensure continuity and original vision of the CLUB.

Article VIII. CLUB Guidelines and Rules of the Road

  1. CLUB sponsored activities shall conform at all times to federal, state and local laws.
  2. Members are requested to cooperate by avoiding and refraining from angry disputes, altercations and discussion of personal problems and troubles leading toward controversy, which would impair the fulfillment of our CLUB objectives.
  3. Any unruly, intoxicated person may be subject to a request to leave.
  4. All members are responsible for their conduct and behavior and that of their guests, families and friends and are liable for any damages incurred.
  5. Each member agrees to fully hold harmless the CLUB, its officers, directors, employees, agents, and other members in the event of any claim or lawsuit on the act or omission of such member. UNDEROATH CAR CLUB IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY PROFIT CENTERED BUSINESS.
  6. The UNDEROATH Car CLUB assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to personal property, or injury to any person who participates in CLUB sponsored activities and functions. All members and guests participate at their own risk.
  7. The CLUB employs the policy of ‘take it to the source’. Any disputes within the CLUB are handled by the affected member taking the dispute to the offending member directly. However, if a member feels the COMMITTEE should intervene, it reviewed and determined by the COMMITTEE if action will take place.

Article IX. Gear

  1. The CLUB gear will never be worn in a manner that will dishonor the CLUB. Only members are provided the UNDEROATH CLUB T-Shirt. Non-members are not allowed to wear the UNDEROATH CLUB Apparel.  Any non-member found wearing the CLUB T-Shirt will be asked to remove or turn inside out. At the minimum of 3 members are allowed to kick the shit out of this individual.

c. The CLUB recognizes that members are free to leave the CLUB. However, as a courtesy, the CLUB would like any former or departing member to no longer wear CLUB gear and turn in their given CLUB t-shirt.  NOTE: ANY CLUB MEMBER THAT PAID FOR ADDITIONAL SHIRT(S) CAN VOLUNTARILY RETURN, BUT WE WILL NOT FORCE RETURN WITHOUT REFUND OF DUES OR THE MONETARY VALUE OF THE SHIRT.

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