William Murray

I got into cars because my dad owned a lot and I had to work on them; 3 work vans, 2 personal cars and 3 off-road vehicles. Through my high school years I worked with German, Japanese and even a Swedish Saab, but the only cars I could keep running with a minimum of effort and good success were the Ford and Chevy work Vans. The car I had the most fun with was a Myers Mynx dune buggy that modified in the “Cal- Look” style. Since the VW drive train broke constantly, I parked the buggy when I went to college and made due with a Ford Work Van and a Ford Pinto. Those were tough years, but it allowed me to purchase a 1989 Ford Mustang GT with a 5.0 Within 3 years the car was running 11.7’s in the quarter mile as a daily driver. The longest commute was from RSM to Moreno Valley back in 1993. The long commute wore the car out and while the motor was being rebuilt I purchased a 1968 Ford Torino GT with a 390ci FE motor. After a couple of years the Torino was done and I’ve been drivin it since! The Mustang was back on the road and funner than ever with a 347 power plant. But after being told the car was gross polluter one too many times I returned the car to stock, gave it to my dad and pulled the drive train. I picked up a 1969 Torino GT roller and began to resto mod it. That was a while ago, life has gotten busy, but I still find time to hang out with Underoath.

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