Roberto Duarte

My name is Roberto Duarte and I am blessed to be part of something as special as this club. Through lifes ups and downs, I had previously owned a 69 Dodge Dart convertible, but had to let it go. Back in High School, I met a wonderful person by the name of Gabe Allen. I lost my friend due to life changes, but was able to reconnect with this wonderful man, who is now the President of Underoath Car Club. I cant tell you how privileged and honored to say that I am the official Chef for these wonderful people. As I meet all the members, and because they are a family oriented club, I see nothing but great things from each and every member. My oath is to not be a good, but a great person and to continue to make scrumptious food, always. Gabe started something special as a good man, now a family man, and has a love for classic cars. I urge you to come out and see these wonderful people and eat my wonderful food. God Bless!

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