Nick Cuaresma

My name is Nick Cuaresma and I love my Chevy’s!  However, I appreciate a variety of classic automobiles from all OEM’s; I do prefer American.

I first started my love for cars when I was a little kid playing with Hot Wheels in my backyard until they disappeared in the dirt.  I also would build models until they broke.  I grew up in Gardena CA, the home of Ascot Raceway Park, Isky Camshafts and not far off was Lyon’s Drag Strip which was in Carson CA.  As a result, there was an apparent car culture in the South Bay.  In high school, I hung out at Naugles Taco Stand and Carrow’s Restaurant Parking Lot and absorbed more of the culture through the Street Races.  I would frequent Super Shops, Team C, Hot Rod Performance, Long Beach Swap Meet, and Service Center; looking at the engines, rims, parts, etc….

Today, I am blessed to own a few cars to support my mid-life crisis!   I have a 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle for Car Shows and a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro that I race at the track; no seasonal wins yet.  Recently, I found a happy medium with my 1972 Chevrolet Greenbrier that I drive on the Street and Strip. 

I have awesome friends in the hobby whom continue to inspire me with their awesome rides, eye to detail, vision, and craftsmanship.  You know who you are.  Finally, the support from my engine builder, Mark Milholland, at Hot Rod Performance!   Troubleshooting over the phone and re-enforcing that I have fun!

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