Jesse Rowe

In 1994 I bought my first car, a 1968 Ford Torino, from my high school buddy Gabe Allen’s dad, John, for $1000. It was three colors and didn’t run but it was mine! John got the car running and soon after, we decided to freshen up the stock 302.With John taking the lead, Gabe and high school friend/fellow newbie car enthusiast, Wade and his ’65 Fairlane, we rebuilt the motor in John’s famous backyard/shop. It was my daily driver for few years as I cinued to fix it up but the motor was a runner! We’d would go to the local cruises, drag race The Brotherhood Raceway at Terminal Island, do a Fairlane Club mini meet run to Bakersfield and our usual Dominos/Del Taco midnight hangout.Great life experiences and I was hooked on old Fords.That Torino is long gone but what followed were a ‘65 Mercury Montclair, a ‘64 Galaxie 500, a ’60 Ford F100 and later two ‘69 Econoline’s. As.As life happens, we kinda went our own ways, I got into old Triumph chopper motorcycles while also pursuing the rock ‘n’ roll dream of making it big in music(didn’t happen).In 2009, Gabe and I crossed paths and reminisced about our younger days. When UnderOath started, we were not really in contact but he put me on the member roster. How cool is that?!After my son was born in 2013, I parked the Triumph and got back into cars. I picked up a ’66 Fairlane project and traded for a ’69 Fairlane for a Projects Unlimited flip. Then Gabe and his wife helped me buy a running ’64 Galaxie 500XL. Also have a ’62 Galaxie 500XL project.IMG_3998IMG_2450 DSCN0108 DSC01283

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