Gabe Allen


So not only am I legally blind but I hate typing so here’s to hoping this bio doesn’t come out lookin’ like Russian. I grew up on the eastside of Long Beach, 17th n MLK to be exact. You know it was ghetto because all hoods are built around a Martin Luther King Blvd. ya dig. Anyways, grew up kind of rough, ran with the wrong crowd most of my life but besides getting the rush from the life I was given, I also became engulfed in horsepower. So sooner, rather than later, my passion for that rumble and twist of a V8 became a pure addiction. I built my 1st engine at 13. It was a 351 Windsor (stock), boring, I know. Then my pop, who was the local hood mechanic (from where I got most my basic knowledge from) asked me 1 day, “If you could have any FORD (we’re a FORD fam) what would it be?” I looked through a GIANT book of FORD products and within 10 minutes I chose a 1966 Fairlane 500. So my old man just so happened to know where one was, and traded for it. Ya see that’s what he did. Never cash always a hustle of some sort. Turned out the neighbor across the street from the house I grew up in bought one in summer of 66′. It was a 390 C6 factory A/C car. I was now the 2nd owner of this car. Years past I then graduated to a fairly built 428 C6 (that hit so hard, would knock toys off of my besties’ neighbors’ kids’ shelves in their room 🙂 I still own the car today. It is currently being mini tubbed and will soon be fitted with a stroked big block 535 FORD powerplant that will surely make this CLUB of ours proud to call me their President. I will be my honor to carry that title for as long as they allow me. God bless UNDEROATH and God bless AMERICA.


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