The Evolution of Underoath

This organization was birthed long before it was ever given a name. It’s simple purpose is to bring American Pride back to the asphalt. Our streets have been missing something for a very long time. Whether it is economical, political, or otherwise, the pride in our American Iron has diminished to almost nothing. The small group of founders decided one day that somebody has to start somewhere. So being the eclectic group they were it was decided that instead of creating your run of the mill car club, where all cars are same make, same model, they decided to create an organization as unique as each of them. There are a few simple guidelines one needs to follow in order to become a family member, but the most important one would naturally be…drive,ride,roll American. They are a simple group with simple views. No need to complicate the parts of life that can be controlled. It gets no more patriotic than the loyalty they carry and the pride one takes in his or her mode of recreational transportation. Don’t misunderstand …they are a family. One whom has chosen itself, thick as thieves. They are known to the public as Underoath.

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